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شركات تداول الاسهم المصرية Conversations between Northeastern officials and members of surrounding communities will continue tomorrow evening, following last week’s meeting with about 50 angry residents of Mission Hill and nearby neighborhoods. forex rates

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Community residents insisted that President Joseph Aoun meet with a small group of community members so he could understand how the situation is effecting Mission Hill. The officials said they would discuss that possibility with Aoun.

Some community members raised other issues with the university, such as Northeastern’s low rate of admitting high school students from the community, as well as not providing many jobs for local youth. University officials said that although they cannot guarantee admission to anyone, there are scholarships in place, and a pilot program to support Boston Public School students in attending college. They also want to continue to interact with the community by funding job programs and providing jobs.

“BRA meetings and NU meetings have raised a number of issues, primarily focused on providing additional student housing,” Autler said. “In these negotiations, if the community is told they need to wait longer, they will want good reasons … and to see benefits to the neighborhood.”