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Miranda Paris, a coach and recruiting coordinator for the Northeastern women’s rowing team, said she believes Northeastern does a great job of promoting awareness of the dangers of banned substances.

“The university compliance department and all of the coaches and administrators work really hard to make athletes aware of banned substances,” she said. “I don’t think that our school struggles with the issue as much because of the focus that exists on campus.”

To keep her athletes at the top of their game, Paris said she encourages them to use approved energy supplements.

“Your body needs protein the most 10 to 15 minutes after you stop working out,” Paris said.

She recommends chocolate milk, which is rich in both protein and calcium.

“In order to get optimal benefits right after working out, you need protein in liquid form. The protein helps muscles recover after periods of stress that occur during training.” While packaged drinks can be great sources of energy, getting it from natural methods is a healthy way to fuel your body on a regular basis, Paris said.

She said coaches and trainers have an important responsibility when it comes to educating student-athletes.

“Personally, if one of my athletes was caught violating NCAA rules, I feel that it would be more of a failure on our part,” Paris said.