Compiled by Carolyn Willander, News Correspondent

Wednesday, Oct. 12
7 p.m.
A Northeastern University Division of Police Safety (NUPD) officer reported he recognized a known criminal on Forsyth Street. The man, Daniel Kilroy, 28, of Dorchester, was wanted in Waltham, Cambridge and Dorchester for theft. The officer arrested Kilroy and NUPD issued him a trespass warning.

9 p.m.
A student reported he locked his bike outside West Village G at 9 a.m. When he returned at 9 p.m., both the bike and his cable lock were gone.

Thursday, Oct. 13
12 p.m.
A proctor in International Village (INV) reported a suspicious man in the lobby who claimed to be waiting for a student. Officers responded and identified the man as Gesy Burgos, 42, of Dorchester. He was wanted by the Boston Police Department (BPD) for distributing heroin. NUPD arrested Burgos and issued him a trespass warning.

9 p.m.
Callers reported two students, both 24, were arguing in the West Village Quad. NUPD responded before there was a physical confrontation. Neither student was injured and no charges were pressed. They were reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

Friday, Oct. 14
2:45 a.m.
BPD called for assistance at 38 Westland Ave., where neighbors reported a large party. The hosts were students, ages 19 and 20. They were selling alcoholic beverages to their guests. BPD is investigating and the hosts were reported to OSCCR.

3 a.m.
A student reported she and her friend went to Boston House of Pizza (BHOP) at 2:30 a.m. Although the restaurant was closed, there were several employees still there who allowed the girls to enter and purchase pizza. After leaving BHOP, one student realized she left her purse and phone at the restaurant. She retrieved both items but $300 was missing from her wallet. BPD is investigating.

6 p.m. – Entry of the Week
A student in Kennedy Hall reported that several times during the semester, large amounts of cash were stolen from his wallet when he left it unattended in his suite. After this occurred again, he reported the thefts to NUPD. Detectives are currently investigating.

8 p.m.
Officers responded to Loftman Hall, where an 18-year-old student was vomiting heavily. She admitted to drinking off campus and said she consumed at least ten vodka drinks. She was evaluated by EMTs who determined she did not require hospitalization. She was reported to OSCCR.

10:45 p.m.
An officer on Hemenway Street saw a 19-year-old student drinking from an open container of beer. When the officer attempted to stop him, the student fled and disposed of the container. He was apprehended and the container was recovered. The student refused to say where he obtained the alcohol. He was reported to OSCCR.

Saturday, Oct. 15
1:45 a.m.
Officers responded to reports of a fight on St. Stephen Street but did not find one. However, they found a battered male student who was missing his two front teeth one block away. He refused to say how he had been injured or accept treatment.

2 a.m.
Three female students reported they were at Papa John’s Pizza on Tremont Street when a woman verbally harassed them by yelling offensive remarks regarding religion. The students left to return to their dorm in Davenport A, but the woman followed them into the lobby. There, she began swinging an umbrella and assaulting two of the students. The proctor intervened and called NUPD. Officers  responded and arrested the woman, Zendre Monteiro, 35, of Dorchester. She will be charged with two counts of assault and battery and one count of assault. The students were not seriously injured.

2:30 a.m.
NUPD officers found a 20-year-old student passed out outside the Cabot Physical Education Center. He was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and reported to OSCCR.

11 p.m.
A proctor in White Hall reported that three students were assisting their intoxicated friend into the building. When NUPD officers arrived, the student started vomiting. She was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and reported to OSCCR.

Sunday, Oct. 16
12:30 a.m.
A proctor in Stetson East reported an 18-year-old student was sitting on the ground outside the building. She said she had been drinking off campus and was on her way back to Loftman Hall when she stopped to rest. She was evaluated by EMTs, who determined she did not need further medical attention. She was reported to OSCCR.

12:45 a.m.
An off-duty NUPD officer was walking to his car on Tremont Street when a 21-year-old male student came out of an adjacent apartment and began urinating in the parking lot. He was reported to OSCCR.

1 a.m.
An officer encountered a 20-year-old student vomiting near Loftman Hall. He told the officer he had been drinking to celebrate his 20th birthday. He was allowed to return to his dorm and was reported to OSCCR.

1:30 a.m.
BPD officers called NUPD to report an intoxicated 18-year-old student after they shut down a party at 69 Gainsborough St. She was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and reported to OSCCR.

8 p.m.
A Northeastern student riding her bike on Huntington Avenue reported she was harassed by two males, who grabbed her and took the bike. Officers responded and learned the men were Wentworth Institute of Technology students. The Northeastern student did not wish to press charges so the two men were warned and sent off.

11 p.m.
An officer saw a man carrying an 18-pack of beer down St. Stephen Street. He was identified as one of the men who had harassed the Northeastern student earlier in the evening. The officer called the Wentworth Institute of Technology Police Department and arrested the student, Conor, 20. He will be charged as a minor in the possession of alcohol.

Monday, Oct 17
4:30 p.m.
A graduate student reported he left his office in Nightingale Hall at 2 p.m. while a co-worker stayed in the office. When he returned at 4 p.m., the other student was gone but the door was unlocked. Both his laptop and university-owned desktop computer were missing.