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Without a composed speech in front of them, the speakers on both sides were often visibly under pressure by the cross-examiner.

When the Democratic side brought up the point that only a small percentage of the jobs Obama invested in failed, the Republicans were not able to present a strong rebuttal because of the immediacy with which they had to respond.

Both groups argued heatedly, and stranger questions began to arise such as “do you think the president is psychic?”

The debate ended with an off-topic speech by Kisby, who alluded to the importance of the coming election and chastised the Democratic side for calling a debater “ignorant” during a cross-examination.

The crowd began to talk loudly before Pioli could formally conclude the debate, and people rose to leave as the last words were being spoken. His last words to the departing audience were “I hope you all vote, that was the whole point.”

Responses to the outcome of the debate were varied.

“I thought the Democrats won,” Peter Smith, a 21-year-old biology major, said. “They both had some pretty good points but I agree with the Democrats that Obama’s plan succeeded. I’m not sure if the debate convinced me of that though.”

Stephen Price, a 19-year-old finance and accounting major and member of debate club, had a different opinion.

“Political views aside, I thought the Republicans swept the floor with the Democrats. They presented a standard measure of success and stuck to it, while the Democrats didn’t touch that,” he said. “The question was whether or not the stimulus succeeded, and the Republicans were the only ones that answered that question.”