سعر السهم ببنك الخليج

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عرض جميع اسعار الاسهم السعودية

He used Twitter to share a link to his page, with some help from his 964 followers.

“Being part of Nashville’s organization really helped. They’re such a great organization and I had a bunch of Nashville followers and news reporters in Milwaukee re-tweet it, so it was a huge help,” he said.

Bitetto has no specific monetary goal, even though the page says $100,000, and will continue to raise funds until he returns home for the first time at Christmas break. He said reaching the $7,000 mark in such a short period of time was incredible, and no matter how much the final amount is, he just wants to know it’s going to the town that has supported him.

“There’s no place like home, and it really is true. It’s kind of scary to see pictures and it doesn’t even seem real.”