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Past TRACE evaluations for Scorzelli indicate that students found him to be knowledgeable about the subject matter, but abrasive and disorganized in his style. The university offers TRACE as a service that allows students to evaluate professors and see past assessments through their Northeastern portal.

“The course lacked a clear flow of concepts and ideas. The techniques taught to the class were limited as well and, at times, conducted in an inappropriate manner,” one student wrote in an anonymous evaluation.

Another student praised Scorzelli’s expertise: “Professor clearly has years of experience in his field and his personal stories helped illustrate how the material could be applied in the real world.”

Scorzelli added that he was not given an opportunity to meet with university officials to discuss the TRACE evaluation in question and defend himself before receiving the letter of suspension.

Northeastern’s Faculty Handbook states that “When reason arises to consider dismissal of a faculty member, the Provost (or a representative specifically designated by the Provost) should discuss the matter with him/her in personal conference. … The University may institute suspension of the faculty member during the [investigative] proceedings only if immediate harm to the faculty member or to others is threatened by continuing his/her employment responsibilities.”

Scorzelli was suspended without anyone in CAEP knowing, Mason said.

“I heard about it through the grapevine,” Mason said. “I sat here for a whole day wondering when they were going to tell me.”

Mason said it was “unusual” for any professor to be disciplined without the chair of their department being informed beforehand.

“I can’t believe the speed and vengeance, it almost seems like relish, that this occurred in, and also the secrecy,” he said.

Scorzelli insisted that Fulmer has held a grudge against him dating back to his disputes with Chung.

“I think it all began when I was having severe conflicts with the ex-chair and filed an EEOC grievance against the univ. [sic] and him. The univ. [sic] was forced to go to mediation. It was embarrassing for them and it labeled me as a troublemaker,” he wrote in an email to The News.

He said that after filing another complaint this month against the university for suspending him he was offered a buyout package which included health benefits, but that he declined it.

Scorzelli is a tenured faculty member and has taught at Northeastern since 1973. On his resume, he states that he is a five-time Fulbright Scholar and two-time World Health Organization fellow. He also states that he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the fourth-highest combat award, for his service in Vietnam.

Barbara Green, spokesperson for the MCAD, said the commission is waiting to receive a formal position statement from the university before an independent investigator begins looking into the dispute.

“If we find that there was probable cause, and discrimination occurred, we convene a mandatory conciliation conference, which is like a settlement hearing … [Northeastern] could be required to settle financially or to reinstate the professor,” she said.

Scorzelli said that he has suffered extreme emotional distress as a result of his suspension and that he believes his national reputation has been ruined.

“Right now, the univ. [sic] wants me to retire on Jan. 4 and all I want is to be reinstated with back pay and letters of apology from the dean and vice provost OR [sic] a large financial settlement,” Scorzelli wrote. “Although I would prefer the latter, and do not want to return to NU, I may have to in order to regain my reputation.”