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The comedian certainly has a knack for storytelling, garnering the loudest laughs of the night when he gave an account of his experience with Bill Clinton and the effect this had on his relationship with his father.

“Black coffee.” He told the audience that he went to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru with his father and siblings during his childhood. To the incredulity of his four children, Mulaney’s father ordered a single black coffee and stopped at that. This implication of his father’s attitude was brought up again when he told his father a few years later that he was a Clinton supporter.

“You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair,” Mulaney’s father said.

With jokes aimed at taking shots at his personal life and hilariously detached comments  on the lives of others, he managed to be self-deprecating while also goofy, and loud while not obnoxiously funny.

After directing a series of questions at a guest from Salem State University about his choice of major, Mulaney paused and asked, “Do I come off as hostile?” The comedian could not be seen as less hostile as he portrayed genuine interest and amusement in his interaction with the audience.

The audience loved the spontaneous interaction. “It was cool that he interacted with random members of the audience. He can make anything appear funny or absurd,” Kim Barbosa, a guest from Berklee College of Music, said.

Fulfilling the expectation to be the “highlight of the night” as promised by Hofstetter, Mulaney certainly delivered and lived up to his SNL credentials. His hilarious imitations of a Cantonese woman from Grand Szechuan and sirens that sounded like “an old gay cat was dying” are sure to stay with his audience as they recall similar experiences.