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منتديات الاسهم السعودية اليوم

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برنامج تحليل الاسهم السعودية موقع اسهم السعودية

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News Staff Photo/Christina Bivona


كيف طريقة البيع والشراء اليومي في الاسهم Tamara Harrison, sophomore psychology major

This foreign import’s style is as international as her passport. Her American Apparel leggings pay their respects to where she currently hangs her hat, but her fingerless gloves pledge their allegiance to the Union Jack. Whether jet setting or just heading to class, this Brit knows the importance of a great bag by a great designer. Sporting labels like Hermes, the ante has been decidedly upped for collegiate couture.

News Staff Photo/Christina Bivona


 الهيئة الشرعية للبنك الاهلي تجاره الاسهم Alejandra Rincon, freshman business major

Demonstrating that style does not have to hibernate for the winter, this fashionable freshman stepped out in the snow donning outerwear from Abercrombie, All Saints, and Zara. Posh and practical accessories like her beige beanie, tie together this snowy ensemble, and with the pop of embellishments lining the side of her school bag, Rincon will not be lost in the sea of cold weather neutrals.