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But at the administrative level, the university’s system for tracking veterans is improving as well. Instead of waiting for veterans to identify themselves, the admissions office is beginning to ask prospective students about their veteran status, and McCarty is working to make sure there is a way to code student files so it is clear who the veterans are.

McCarty also said women who served in the armed forces tend to self-identify in smaller numbers than men, and encourages Northeastern’s female veterans, whether they experienced combat or served in support roles, to engage with the veteran community.

Nationally, there is a push to increase the accountability of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which paid out more than $8 billion to 555,329 veterans for college expenses in the 2011 fiscal year. So far, no statistics have been gathered to track graduation rates among veterans using the aid, and Trudeau says he hopes to put Northeastern ahead of the curve by implementing a better veterans database at the university.