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The neighborhood council would meet with school officials on a regular basis to discuss the impact the IMP is having on the area, as well as to foster communication between the university and the neighborhoods that surround the main campus.

Martin also discussed Parcel 3, a year-old conversation focused on the building of an office tower of which NU would be the primary, if not sole, occupant. The property sits across from Boston police headquarters on Tremont Street. The development of Parcel 3 would cost tens of millions of dollars and, according to Martin, would fulfill the need for office space required for NU to operate at its most efficient level.

“We can’t do all of these things, and we certainly can’t do all of them at once,” Martin said. “What we will continue to discuss is which of these we could tackle most immediately and which would have the most impact. Many of these things have a large price tag fixed to them.”

Following the community impact presentation, Boston Redevelopment Authority Senior Project Manager Gerald Autler shared plans for developing the Northeastern Housing Impact Study to assess the impact of off-campus undergraduates on their community. Taking cues from a 2008 study completed by Boston College, NU would hire outside analysts to conduct the study.

“We really want to look at Northeastern student residence trends,” Autler said. “We will spend time looking at how the total number of undergraduate students on and off campus is fluctuating and how that affects the different areas surrounding NU. [In the BC study the researcher] was able to come up with a serious estimate for what types of units and where are most likely to be occupied by BC students. Then [the researcher] came up with an estimated impact of those students per unit type. We want to do that for Northeastern.”

The key goals of the study were stated to be: gaining a baseline understanding of the current housing stocks and markets, an understanding of how undergraduates affect housing price, analyzing key trends and forces in the housing market, estimating how NU’s IMP proposals will affect market conditions and understanding student resident trends.

“At the end of the study we would want some conclusions as to what this all means,” Autler said. “Particularly an answer to the question: what is the degree to which Northeastern undergraduates are contributing to some of the housing trends we are seeing.”

The next IMP meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 28.