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HRM 498 Week 3 Strategic HRM Plan, Part II Strategic Plan and Environmental Analysis Report

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After counselors have read over college applications in their regions or territories, they gather the data from the student records or applications, then record the information in a database.

“And then we start out by using some of those characteristics to begin to select the class using a technology,” Brown said.

Brown mentioned that if a student has taken a rigorous course load, a counselor will assign a rating to the student’s academic rigor.

“And so we translate a lot of that qualitative data into a quantitative form,” she said. “So it’s either a rating or some kind of category, so that we can do a little bit of selection using technology.”

After dealing with numbers, Brown said they look at some of the university’s goals, like bringing in students from a variety of backgrounds.

“We’re looking to bring in a diverse student body, a student body that represents the world geography because that creates the most enriching environment for students to learn in,” she said. “We look for diversity of all kinds so we look for racial, ethnic and cultural and political, spiritual — all of those kinds of diversities … so we can bring a community together.”

The counselors believe that these characteristics can help build a strong intellectual community.

“So we start to pull out those applications that will help us create that shape of the class. We start looking at the overall academic profile and where the students are coming from,” Brown said.

Admissions counselors processed 18,000 applications during the early action period. Many of those students who were not offered admission were deferred to the regular pool.

“Then we take all the RD [regular decision] applications and those deferred from EA,” Brown said. “Those get all read between Jan. 15 and when our applications [decisions] go out, which is sometime in late March.”

Brown described the process as “very complex.”

“It’s a process that takes a large committee quite a bit of time too,” she said. “An admissions officer’s life is very typical. They’re out on the road, visiting schools in the late fall and the early winter, [then] their lives change dramatically. They are always glued to their computer.”