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“I’m devastated as a reader,” said DiTullio, who went on to state that while she is heartbroken to lose her co-op, she can only imagine how difficult this must be for the salaried employees.

Furthermore, DiTullio expressed concern regarding a future for the content covered almost exclusively by the Phoenix.

“When one outlet goes under, someone else will fill that void and see the opportunity for growth,” she said. “But the general public reaction has been that there’s nothing else like it.”

Kennedy echoed DiTullio’s words, and stated that this is a loss for the Boston community.

“I think there is a tremendous need for a really alternative independent voice like the Phoenix, but right now, it just seems like there isn’t any way to do something like that and make enough money to make it work,” he said.

The failure of a paper such as this and countless others in recent years has caused students hoping to pursue this sort of journalism professionally to question their career options.

Kennedy said that the future of journalism is online. In a generation where people read their news on the Internet through their mobile devices, people are getting to know websites like BostInno, where their news seems to tap into the Boston city life as well.

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t discouraging,” said DiTullio on the future of print media. “It’s not news that the industry is changing. To paraphrase Dan Kennedy, it’s kind of an exciting time to be one of the people who are going to find out what we’re going to do instead.”

Though it is important to look to the future, the Phoenix’s presence will be greatly missed in the Boston community.

“I think it’s a real loss for the people of Boston,” said Kennedy. “I think that it was an independent, intelligent voice at a time when we need as many independent and intelligent voices as we can get.”