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“We actually evaluated this team to be strong offensively and we did not expect the pitching staff to be as dominant as it turned out, and there was a bit of role reversal going on with that,” McPhee said. “They were really the key to so many wins this year.”

The pitching staff was led by senior Kevin Ferguson, who McPhee said had an outstanding senior year and was the rock of their rotation every Sunday, sophomore Nick Berger and senior closer Dylan Maki, who set the program’s save record this year.

Freshmen Nick Cubarney and James Mulry make up some of the pitching rotation’s future. Mulry had a standout game against UNCW, which McPhee said was just a bright sign for the future.

And while the pitchers made sure the Huskies had a fighting chance on the mound, sophomore Jason Vosler was a force at the plate.

“He started out the season on fire, then struggled through middle part, but when we needed offense the most he was absolutely magnificent,” McPhee said. “I don’t think our coaching staff has seen an offensive run in the tournament like Jason had.”

Vosler had a .591 batting average through Northeastern’s five games in the tournament with 7 RBI and 9 R, and led the offense with junior Aaron Barbosa, sophomore Rob Fonseca, junior Brad Burcroff and redshirt freshman Michael Foster.

The Huskies couldn’t emerge from Virginia victorious, but their run wasn’t short of those moments that stick in a coach’s mind.

“One of the things that I’ll really remember from the tournament was Pete Castoldi’s at-bat against UNCW in the 11th inning against one of the absolute best pitchers in the conference, and he came up with walk-off win,” McPhee said.

Even when the outcome left Northeastern on the losing end, like in its first game of the tournament against Towson, good came out of it.

“We came back in that first game,” he said. ” We had the tying and winning runs on base when it ended. It was just a terrific experience for everybody.”