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Nichols said Front Range has a great reputation, and recalled being at nationals, where he said Bredahl was a huge piece of the team’s third-place finish.

“I loved walking around nationals hearing people talk about this big impact hitter Northeastern has coming,” he said.

Manhard, 5’11”, and Rosander, 6’3″, are both making the cross-country trek to don red and black. For Manhard, the colors run in the family.

“Her dad was a rower and she knew a great deal about Northeastern’s path and has been enamored with what the university has become,” Nichols said. “We had recruited her without any knowledge of her connection.”

Manhard can compete as an opposite side hitter and defensive specialist, and Nichols said she may fall into a specialty role for the Huskies.

“She’s one of those classic players that can do a lot of things because of her volleyball I.Q.,” he said. “She’s very capable in the back, she has a terrific and aggressive serve.”

Rounding out the group is Rosander, who as a team captain in 2011, led Canyon Crest Academy to its second consecutive league championship.

“She’s been a substantial starting middle at a very high level and comes in with a lot of experience,” Nichols said. “I think she will acclimate to our system very quickly, she’s exceptionally bright and more than ready to contribute in her first year.”

Nichols’ club went 20-7 overall in their 2012 campaign, getting knocked out of the Colonial Athletic Association Tournament in the first round by James Madison University in a 3-2 final. The Huskies had a 9-3 record in conference play.

“We knew we needed a big impact middle, somebody on the right, and everything else is just going to be a huge bonus,” Nichols said. “We could have been a little deeper in every other position and I think that’s what we’ve accomplished now.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ve got and how the chemistry is going to work out.”