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“If people could vote or comment or respond, I think it would be better,” Hirsch said. “I think there’s more room to connect people with it.”

Students are also invited to create playlists to accompany the autumn feeling that the exhibition fosters, further bolstering CAMD in its multiple platforms of media creativity. These are featured on the college’s website,

Ditkowsky said that other exhibitions are up-and-coming, including a series of co-op postcards where students will be able to take photos and share their experiences in the working world.

“We are looking into some additional creative partnerships with the library starting next semester,” Ditowsky said. “The details are [to be decided], but I think it will be beautiful and fun and won’t involve going outside.”

Students can submit their photos of Boston amidst fall colors by posting them on Instagram or Twitter and including “#fallingforboston” and  “#camd,” or by e-mailing them to