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تداول الاسهم الهولندي اكس فوريكس

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Lastly, beyond the basic risks of Foster getting hurt, or doing something that compromises his brand, there are also the Fantex-related risks. Investors are putting their money into Fantex, a start-up with a highly speculative business proposition. The S-1 notes that the company has incurred significant losses since its founding, and that it expects to continue to experience losses in the future. Even if Foster is able to live up to the $50 million valuation, Fantex still has to get out of the red for investors to get their money back.

It’s a brilliant move for Foster. The $10 million buyout provides a hedge against playing in a league characterized by injuries and non-guaranteed contracts. While it may be giving Foster financial stability, don’t expect to retire off returns from the “Fantex Series Arian Foster Convertible Tracking Stock” yourself.

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