Alana Dore, deputy inside editor

Alana Dore is serving her first semester as an inside columnist after one semester as deputy inside editor for The Huntington News. She is a third-year English and Linguistics major who did her first coop at the nonprofit Youth for Understanding. She was born and raised in Needham, Mass. and loves saying that she lives “just twenty minutes away from here” and regularly visiting her puppies.

At Northeastern, Alana submits regularly to Spectrum Literary Magazine and works as a member of the Plain English Jury Instruction (PEJI) research project. In her free time she enjoys pretending she can play guitar, teaching herself to code and playing pick-up basketball at the gym. In her future she hopes to conduct linguistic research and freelance while country-hopping. Alana loves lives music, blood oranges, and April Ludgate.
Favorite Publication: The Boston Globe.