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The coalition’s first campaign involved the SAID Your Story Survey, which was sent to multiple cultural groups at Northeastern. The survey contained questions about the experience in every marginalized part of a person’s identity that members of the groups that participated in the survey had faced. The results are being used to see what kind of concerns students have, and also to see what students believe needs to be changed. The link to the survey was initially posted in early September, on the SAID Town Hall Meeting Facebook page.

One of SAID’s plans is to promote a freshman orientation program that would make students more culturally competent using diversity training, according to Canedy, who said the idea is still in its planning stages.

“Even without the representation of students of color … there is also a lack of information and education about these issues on campus,” Anang said. “We hope to promote diversity training with SAID.”

Right now, SAID claims to be organizing several other initiatives, but the group doesn’t have concrete plans.

Photo courtesy of The NBSA, Twitter