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Local musicians and community members will likely have some access to the new building – possibly via the dining facilities that will be located on the SLPC’s first floor – although those details have yet to be determined, according to Phelan.

NEC students expressed mixed feelings about the potential benefits of the SLPC.

“Students are excited to ambivalent [about the new building],” Katie Martucci, a senior student in the school’s contemporary improvisation program, said. “We do need more facilities and practice rooms.”

Martucci added that she was often forced to practice in lobbies and hallways when official spaces were full.

However, she expressed doubt that the additional residential space was necessary.

“You only are guaranteed to live here freshman year. I guess some people choose to live in dorms after that, but the dorms are pretty [bad],” Martucci said.

Echoing Martucci, first-year graduate student Ethan Lobenstine said the lack of available practice rooms negatively impacts the student body. Improvements would be welcome, he said, though the SLPC won’t open while he’s still at the conservatory.

“Practice space is very, very tight,” Lobenstine said. “That they are going to be adding practice rooms in the new building, that will be something to look forward to.”

Ultimately, though, Lobenstine expressed confidence the SLPC would be a boon for students.

“I think the building is going to do great things in terms of expanding what NEC students have access to,” Lobenstine said.

Photo courtesy Ana Beha Architects and Gensler & Associates