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تداول الاسهم الاماراتية طريقة بيع اسهم اكتتاب في الراجحي

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الخيارات الثنائية القانونية

هل يوجد تطبيق ايفون لسوق ابوظبي للاسهم كيف اشتري اسهم في مشاريع بالكويت

“I had invented the AquaArm and came up with a basic prototype for it in 2011 or 2012,” Radosta said. “It was ugly, but it got the job done and worked for its intended purpose.”

The inspiration to launch a bubble soccer league came to Radosta two years ago after he saw people playing the game. He wanted to try it out – but couldn’t find anywhere to play.

“Being an active guy, the only thing I wanted to to do was play it,” Radosta said. “I looked around in Florida, and no one around was offering it. I took a shot at it, and within the first couple weeks of launching the website, we had our first affiliates on board and, within two months, it grew rapidly.”

There are now more than 30 cities in the US that offer Bubble Soccer through his network of operators, Radosta said, including Bubble Soccer Boston.

League commissions and enthusiasts of the sport hope Radosta’s appearance on the show will spread their game to more people, according to Raymond Kidd, National Association of Bubble Soccer administrator for the Minneapolis-Twin Cities area.

“I’m excited about the opportunity that John has to present Bubble Soccer on ‘Shark Tank,’” Kidd said. “No matter if the sharks invest into John or not, bubble soccer as a sport will gain more national attention.”

Photo courtesy John Anthony Radosta, Advanced Sports Technology