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After a nine-game losing streak that lasted the entire month of October, the Huskies were gaining some steam, and Nichols said the upset of JMU gave the team a confidence boost.

“The win on Thursday was critical,” Nichols said. “Tough matches prepare you for tough matches, but sometimes winning can prepare you to win too.”

Saturday was proof of that, as the Huskies had three players with double digit kills, including Rosander, who led the team with a season-high 15. Rosander posted a .682 hitting percentage.

“Caterina has done some things like this over the years, where she really just finds the matchup that she can blossom with,” Nichols said. “She’s very humble about it.”

Coming off the win against Delaware, the Huskies needed to recuperate quickly for a game on Sunday afternoon against Towson, and fatigue appeared to play a factor.

Despite winning the second set and fighting in the third, Northeastern ended up losing in four sets.

Sunday’s home game was the last for Dizon, a senior biology major who transferred from Riverside City College in California as a junior.

“For a second, it hit me that this was my last time playing an official match on Solomon Court at Cabot Center, which made me a little sad,” Dizon said. “But I got back into game mode and look forward to playing [the College of] William & Mary and Elon [University] this weekend.”

If the Huskies win both of those games, they can still manage to slip into the postseason. With the pressure on, leaders like Dizon will play a huge role.

“I’ve loved coaching [Dizon],” Nichols said. “She’s such an even-tempered young woman and her teammates love her.” jak inwestowac na giełda Photo by Brian Bae