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“Our guys were just so happy to get home and play a true home game,” Coen said. “You had some of those plays where we were just playing too quick. [Then] we went to a little bit of pressure, we got some turnovers, we got out in transition and we got back control of the game at that point in time and really settled down.”

A trip to Michigan is next for the Huskies. The team will take on the University of Detroit-Mercy on Saturday and University of Western Michigan on Monday. Although the first part of the season has been a success, Ford stressed that the Huskies still have much to accomplish.

“We’re not satisfied,” he said. “We’re not exactly where we want to be right now. Coach always says, you want to be playing your best basketball in March, and we’re not even close right now.” فتح حساب في الفوركس Photo by Brian Bae