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Currently, Jobletics is conducting pre-beta testing with a small pool of employees, focusing mostly on the app’s functionality and the interaction with restaurant staff. In January, the company intends to launch a larger closed-beta testing period spanning at least four months and involving more Jobletes and several Boston-area restaurants.

One of those is La Morra, a casual fine-dining restaurant located in Brookline.

“There’s no reason not to join,” Emily Vena, chef-de-cuisine, said. “If I do find myself in a bind, I can check the app.”

While the platform could help fill open stations at the last minute, its usefulness may be limited by the nature of some restaurant jobs, according to Vena.

“For a restaurant like La Morra, realistically, [Jobletics] can only fill a few positions, like busser or dishwasher… or even prep cook,” Vena said. “Unless they continually work with us through Jobletics, they aren’t going to show up and fill the grill station.”

Vena also said that should such a worker come along, she would attempt to hire them directly as an employee instead of going through the app. While that may happen in some instances, the nature of Jobletics means it will attract people who are looking to control their own shifts instead of signing on with one restaurant, according to Sharma.

In the end, Jobletics aims to help experienced service industry employees find work on their own terms, filling a need for restaurants in the process.

“The real vision here for the company [is] to really be able to give people who have skills and are mobile the ability to work wherever and whenever they want,” Sharma said. “There’s no reason if you’re skilled and have the ability to do work, you shouldn’t do it.”

Photo courtesy Rahul Sharma