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“[For example,] there is a lot less violence in the winter,” O’Brien said. He went on to explain that these statistics seem completely within reasonable error and that numbers around the CityScore of one are still normal.

Nevertheless, O’Brien does believe that CityScore is a successful tool.

“Real innovation is not so much data nor really measurement, but the intersection with the public,” he said.

However, Sasha Deych, 22, a fifth-year international relations student at Northeastern, is not convinced.

“I personally think that it’s not that useful,” Deych said. “We have statistics regardless. It may be an extra asset but won’t be paid much attention to… What does 1.86 mean? Just a number placed in front of me – but I do not know the meaning behind it.”

Brian McCarthy, 22, a junior biology student at Northeastern, lauded CityScore for its transparency but added that data should not be used in lieu of other tools.

“In a lot of cases, data on a governmental level is generally hard to find,” McCarthy said. “In general, being transparent is a good thing for any government… [but] data [should not be used] as an end-all, be-all.”

O’Brien believes that CityScore is leading the field in publicizing aggregated data, despite the relevance of its daily statistics.

“As much as we are striving in the field, one of our challenges is taking something sophisticated and making it accessible for the public,” he said.

Photo by Robert Smith