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The negotiation also extends to students, some of whom stood in solidarity with the part-times by blocking the Green Line in November to raise attention to the adjunct’s cause. As a result, visibility for the part-time staff grew.

“More than 1,000 emails were sent to the president and provost from within and beyond the Northeastern community,” Malm said. “All of this was essential to pointing out that adjuncts are essential to the Northeastern community and that our allies would support us.”

Rick Faletto, a sophomore cultural anthropology major and adjunct activist, showed fervent support for the cause.

“Hearing directly from our own professors of their demeaning treatment at the hands of our administration brought tears to my eyes,” he said. “How could our educators, my role models and the foundation of our university, be treated with such disrespect for the sake of profit?”

Such activism would have culminated in a university-wide walkout and picketing on Jan. 19, which the university has insisted did not impact and would not have impacted their final offer for the negotiations. The strike was called off once the agreement was finalized.

“This contract shows a marked departure from the status quo,” Halm said. “When we start to negotiate a second contract, it is my hope that a stronger, more trusting relationship between union and administration will have developed which will lead to a less acrimonious process.”

But the contract is, for many, an undeniable success. Joanna Gattuso, a masters of public health graduate student, expressed praise for the agreement.

“This shift is a true testament to what we can accomplish when our university community comes together for an important cause,” Gattuso wrote in a letter to supporters of, a domain unaffiliated with the university that supported the adjuncts. كيف اشتري اسهم تويتر “We let the administration know that we were prepared to support a strike if they refused to take action. And we won.”

Photo by Brian Bae