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“I love what Frida stands for and I feel like that informs what I feel for the painting itself,” Fox said.

Something not visible in its current placement is a number of signatures from friends and relatives present at the painting’s sale in Mexico City. Though the painting will undergo conservation treatment beginning in March, it will be reinstalled in the Museum’s Art of the Americas wing later in the year, where Bostwick-Davis hopes to better showcase the work.

“We do hope we can collaborate with our designers and curators to have people be able to go around the back of the picture,” Bostwick-Davis said. “To open it up so it’s free-floating and people can see, in the back, all of these signatures since it’s such a part of the story of the work.”

The painting will be accompanied by a number of artifacts, photographs and letters from Kahlo, Rivera and Phillips, allowing for a greater understanding of the work and its significance. Kahlo, who was 21 at the time she completed the painting, had yet to become a household name and was beginning her career, something Bostwick-Davis hopes students and young artists will identify with.

“I do think there’s something really raw in that these young artists really pour their heart and soul into their work,” Bostwick-Davis said. “She chose two subjects close to her family circle, as many young artists often do.”

Photo by Robert Smith