Bullet for My Valentine returns to America

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forex bank centralstationen stockholm öppettider After releasing its fifth record “Venom” in August 2015, the Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine is slated to present the album at the House of Blues Boston on March 3.

global forex institute pdf The album combines instrumental and vocal ferocity, achieving the band’s goal of staying true to its heavy metal roots. Bullet for My Valentine is composed of vocalist and guitarist Matt Tuck, guitarist Padge Paget, drummer Moose Thomas and the newest addition to the band bassist Jamie Mathias.

الربح من الفوركس After touring in Australia in January and in the US in February, Bullet for My Valentine will  spend the rest of the year performing in 14 other countries, including Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Italy.

forex bank trollhättan öppettider Before Bullet for My Valentine brings Bostonian metal heads together on Thursday night, The News spoke to Tuck about “Venom,” the band’s world tour and their plans for the future.

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forex valuta kalkylator forex konto treningowe HN: What’s the difference between the last two albums in terms of the amount of time spent writing and recording them?

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http://allstar-wrestling.com/?forexfor=forex-live-data-feed-free forex live data feed free HN: On Venom’s album cover, you have a snake and a V that represents three things at once: The number five (for the fifth album), the title Venom and V for Valentine. Could you tell me more about the process of choosing the artwork for the album cover? Who usually comes up with the design and how is this decided among you and the other band members?

växla pengar på forex MT: The concept usually comes from the band but this time it came from myself. Right before we started making the album, we started using #bfmv5 (Bullet for my Valentine 5), and that kind of stuck in our heads: To use V as a five, V for Valentine, V for Venom and a snake around it.

الاسهم السعودية امس HN: Is there a country where you would like to go on your next tour where you’ve never toured before?

icici buy forex online MT: Yeah, India is a place we would like to go because culturally it’s so different… Just the experience of being in India is kind of a profound thing. We haven’t been in the Middle East so maybe Dubai, Abu Dhabi or something like that.

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تحليل سوق الاسهم السعودي اليوم MT: More of the same really, you know: Just get back into the studio, start writing… And keep going.

Photo courtesy Kristina Servant, Creative Commons