Q&A: Should medical marijuana be legalized in Massachusetts?

بيع أسهم بوان Charles Paglione

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تجارة الذهب عبر الانترنت “I support it. I know in relation to health, it’s not as bad as alcohol or tobacco, which are both legal substances. […] If they put some smart minds to it, I think they could figure out a way to make it work.”

الاسهم السعوديه منتديات تداول

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السوق البريطاني لتداول الاسهم “I’m from Spain. In Spain, we don’t have legal marijuana. […] I don’t know about here in the US. My personal opinion is that it shouldn’t be legalized because I think it damages the brain. In these ways, it’s not beneficial.”

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افضل شراء اسهم “I don’t use marijuana, but I think it should be legal. I know it’s very useful for people with anxiety issues, but I don’t agree with smoking it without purpose.”

موقع لبيع الذهب – Marshall Dorlus, 2010 alumnus in political science

توصيات الاسهم الدوليه Ian Sutherland “I support it because I believe the good it does far outweighs the harm. […] My uncle happens to be a recipient of a marijuana prescription, and it’s done a lot of good for him.”

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