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“I think my first two years at Northeastern I was just going through my routine,” Coyne said. “After my Olympic year (2014), I realized that I can make an impact in the world. I really grew up […] and was able to make a commitment to hockey and doing good things off the ice.”

Flint recalled the process of bringing Coyne to NU, when he competed with the University of Minnesota and Cornell University for the highly touted recruit.

“It was a special moment for me as a coach,” Flint said. “We knew that she would be a difference maker right away.”

Coyne said that her decision to don red and black had a lot to do with the co-op program and the city of Boston, but Flint himself was a major factor.

“I really liked what coach Flint had to offer,” Coyne said. “The biggest thing is how he treats us as people, not just hockey players. He cares about our academics, our social lives and our family lives.”

Flint and Coyne had a symbiotic relationship, as the head coach also felt that he was able to learn a lot from his star player.

“She made me better as a coach every day,” Flint said. “I saw how hard she worked, and it made me work harder. It was a joy to coach her, and I was lucky enough that she chose Northeastern and trusted me enough to coach her.”

Through all the success Coyne has enjoyed in her career as a Husky, she said that her greatest accomplishment was bringing NU to its first NCAA Tournament this season.

“That was the biggest goal for myself and the team all along,” Coyne said. “We set that goal for ourselves before the season.”

Despite losing to Boston College in the first round of the tournament, getting to the national stage was a massive step forward for NU. In that game, Coyne still managed to make headlines, lighting the lamp late in the third period for her 50th goal of the season in just 37 games.

Although she was drafted third overall in the National Women’s Hockey League draft, Coyne plans to pursue her education before considering a professional hockey career.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in communication studies with a business administration minor this January, she now aims to pursue her master’s degree in corporate and organizational communication at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies.

Photo courtesy Jim Pierce, Northeastern Athletics