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The Northeastern first varsity crew changed the pacing on Sunday by racing at a stroke rate of 35, rather than Saturday’s 36, according to Willhelm. This allowed the Huskies to have a more controlled race and maintain sustainability down the course.

NU and Penn finished well ahead of the rest of the pack, but the Quakers eventually edgeded out the Huskies by three seconds. Northeastern’s second-place time clocked in at 6:49.82, well ahead of the University of Rhode Island’s third-place finish at 6:55.14.

The second varsity came in third with a time of 6:56.75. They lost to the University of Minnesota (6:49.00) and Syracuse (6:49.24).

Wilhelm said the crews are holding their own against the competition, but need to find a way to get over the hump and put together a win.

“It’s a little frustrating to be as close as we have been in the last two weeks and not come out with wins,” Wilhelm said. “I think we’re doing what we want to be doing right now […] it’s encouraging that we’re racing some really good crews and are close to them. It’s just [that] we’d really like to be on the other side of that margin.”

The Northeastern women’s crew team will host Columbia University on the Charles River this weekend for the Woodbury Cup.

Photo courtesy Nafeesa Connolly, Northeastern Athletics.