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ماهي الشركات التي تزكي اسهمها في السوق السعوديه

“He works on a lot of really relevant projects,” Teichert said. “It’s definitely really important for understanding how a lot of proteins work and how they operate.”

Teichert said he believed Engen, Iacob and Springer’s research could one day alter and improve the treatment of diseases caused by TGF-β proteins.

“Understanding the class of proteins that this paper is on definitely has a fantastic opportunity to greatly impact all of those [diseases],” Teichert said. “I have no doubt that it definitely does have that level of impact and is actually really, really awesome.”

Iacob said there is no set end date for the research.

“It will end whenever we solve the problems,” she said, laughing.

Photo by Alex Melagrano