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Organizers wanted to portray Latinos as their own people, rather than the oppressed stereotypes often seen in the news, especially with the 2016 presidential election coming up.

The festival featured a variety of genres, from action to romance to drama, and styles, from narratives to shorts to documentaries. Most of the films were selected from submissions, but also from Latino film festivals in other cities.

“You have a few Latino film festivals around the states. The bigger the city, the bigger the festival,” Dávalos said. “You start to build a network between the film festivals and that’s something that we’re looking for – to increase that network. It’s very important.”

BLIFF illuminated the Latino community in Boston and gave its members a diverse platform to come together for the weekend.

“We have a lot of Latinos [in Boston], but we need to have an event that brings all the Latino communities together through film, otherwise there would be an enormous gap, a cultural gap,” Franco said.

Photo by Alex Melagrano