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“I think we can take a more practical approach to it,” said Senator Brendan Sweeney, a sophomore business administration and political science major who represents the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. “I don’t think that decreasing or limiting their investment in fossil fuels would make as much of an impact.”

Instead, Sweeney proposed an amendment to the resolution that would call upon the university to invest more in renewable energies, which he saw as a better solution.

“DivestNU can’t just wish away fossil fuel companies by ignoring them,” he said. “The only way to decrease the demand for fossil fuels is […] to invest in the technology that will allow sustainable energy to replace fossil fuels as the most practical source of energy.”

Sweeney’s amendment was not formally recognized. Sweeney, who was one of two senators to vote nay on the resolution, opposed a majority of senators who believed they were representing their constituents.

“We’re not the people deciding on the practicality. We’re just making sure that [the student body’s] voices are heard,” Taddesse said. “We as a student government are just reaffirming what they have already affirmed.”

Taddesse referred to a referendum question which appeared on the 2014 SGA Direct Election ballot, in which 75.23 percent of voting undergraduates supported divestment from fossil fuel industries.

The Senate voted with eight abstentions to pass the resolution after sponsors answered several rounds of questioning. As per the SGA bylaws, passed resolutions are forwarded to Aoun for consideration.

Suchira Sharma, a third-year international business major and the vice president of SGA, chaired and led the Senate. She said in an email to The News that she was pleased with the way the senate carried out its legislative proceedings, although she did not express her opinion on the outcome of the vote.

“This was an excellent example of passionate, engaged students bringing up campus concerns and having them addressed by students who are tasked with representing our student body,” Sharma said.

ماهو السهم الذي ينصح بشرائها في سوق دبي DivestNU members said they hope that this will make the issue more salient to the administration, who made a decision to continue investing in fossil fuel industries despite the 2014 referendum results.

“The student body has itself already expressed its sentiment as to whether or not we should divest in the fossil fuel industry,” Williams said. “Our role here is to preserve the will of the student body.”

A DivestNU rally with students from other universities is planned for 6 p.m. on Centennial on Tuesday.

The News will continue to cover breaking developments.

Photo by Scotty Schenck