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With escalating tensions between Northeastern and the Roxbury community over the university’s construction of a 22-story dormitory on Burke Street, multiple groups mentioned the need to reevaluate if the university is properly addressing diversity and community engagement. Bean assured the group that solutions are being sought.   

“Those are things we are thinking about—where we are not where we need to be,” Bean said. “But we are working on them.”

Chu Huang, the community program manager at Northeastern Crossing, was pleased that the staff, faculty and students kept revisiting the idea of responsibility and the university’s impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Asides from just focusing on concrete, tangible growth, I also would like to see more of how can these revenues be invested in an individual’s growth, one person’s impact,” Huang said. “That doesn’t always look like buildings, right? But more on a human level, what kind of impact can we have?”

At the close of the meeting, all proposals were collected for further review and consideration.

Oliver Fishstein, a junior combined computer engineering and computer science major, was initially frustrated with the lack of student outreach for the meeting but said he was glad that Nedell took time to speak with the students about their concerns. Still, he said he felt that administration was out of touch with what students want.

“I don’t know necessarily if our concerns were really heard,”  Fishstein said. “I wish we had the opportunity to say more than one thing, because it’s hard to choose when you have a lot of things that have not been mentioned, especially when you’re the only student perspective in the room.”

In the future, Fishstein said he hopes that the relationship between the administration and the student body improves and that more perspectives are taken into consideration.

“I still think there’s gonna be a lot more pressure that needs to be put on the administration before [its relationship with students] does change, because right now it gets away with not meeting with the community, not really listening to the concerns,” Fishstein said. “The fact that in today’s session a lot of the talk was about building new buildings […] and there wasn’t any representatives from the [Roxbury] community really shows a retreat from the community, because that’s something that will directly impact them.”

A second town hall meeting will be held Nov. 17 at 12 p.m in the Alumni Center on Columbus Avenue.

Photo by Paige Howell