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Jon Forsyth, creator of “Aquarium Dreams,” teaches music video production in Valencia, Spain for six months every year.

“This past year when I was there I took some footage in their wonderful aquarium,” Forsyth said. “They have one of those underwater glass tunnels with the fish swimming above you. There was a school of huge fish that I took some footage of. For the artwork here, you might not realize that it’s actually fish since I altered it, enlarged it, recolored it. But the undulating movements are very natural, and when I mention the inspiration you can see that they’re actually fish.”

Fifield believes that such displays are the future of public art.

“Public art like this builds a large media signage. It’s instantaneous,” Fifield said. “This signage is going to not only be in public art, it’s going to be in interior design, in fashion. The day is going to come where we have to decide what piece of video we want to download to our t-shirt. The world is becoming more media-based and public art should reflect that. That’s what the ‘Art on the Marquee’ does in a bright, shiny way.”

Photo by Dylan Shen