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SARC and its members also hope to start a productive dialogue with students and the administration on how to build a culture that does not tolerate sexual assault and to improve university resources for survivors, Anderson said.

They plan to act in collaboration with other student groups such as DivestNU, she said. In October, SARC signed on to stand with DivestNU in their occupation of Centennial Common over the university’s refusal to divest its endowment from fossil fuels.

“As part of that partnership, we agree that as they support us in our actions, that we will offer our support in any way possible for them,” said Ollie Fishstein, a DivestNU member and a junior combined computer engineering and computer science major. “They build this community and have mutual solidarity.”

Another Northeastern student hung a banner outside the window of her West Village A residence hall on Monday reading, “Northeastern protects rapists.” The student, Mackenzie Coleman, told The News she was allegedly pressured by the university to take it down later that day.

While both Coleman’s sign and the SARC banner were in response to Helfman’s recent lawsuit, Anderson said SARC did not want to attack the university with their demonstration.

Instead, SARC and its partners hope to send a message of solidarity to survivors of sexual assault who may feel ignored by the system.

“We just want students to know we support them and will fight when the university does not,” Anderson said.

The demonstration was not initially met with a controversial reaction from students, something for which the groups said they are thankful.

“I think it’s good that it’s not controversial because it would kind of be super disheartening to hear students be like, ‘No, I don’t agree that we should stand with survivors,’” Fishstein said. “That would be problematic.”

Throughout the day, SARC posted tips on their Facebook page on ways students can support sexual assault survivors.

SARC, in collaboration with the Feminist Student Organization, will hold a community gathering at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 16 in the Social Justice Resource Center. The gathering will provide a space for survivors and allies to speak out about sexual violence both on and off campus, reflect on Helfman’s lawsuit against the university and discuss how students can support survivors at Northeastern.

Anderson said SARC members are unsure of their next step, but that they will continue their demonstrations.

“We’ll react more strongly in the future,” she said. “[The university taking down the banner] says a lot about their values.”

Photo courtesy SARC