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Chelsea Canedy, junior biology and political science combined major and president of SAID, thinks the administration should follow suit and set an example by taking greater steps to protect undocumented community members.

“The higher and higher Northeastern goes up in the rankings, the more of a public voice we have to elicit concerns of both discrimination but also of injustice,” Canedy said. “So really pressuring the university to use that as an opportunity to create nationwide change is something we’re working heavily toward.”

HOWL’s next action will be a rally and march for immigrant worker’s rights Friday توقعات لتداول أسهم الداو جونز . #SanctuaryCampusNU is working to assemble letters from the Northeastern School of Law, faculty, students and campus organizations into one pledge to support undocumented immigrants.  
“Oftentimes when universities make announcements, they have a lot of autonomy over what exactly is said and how exactly it’s done,” Canedy said. “So the goal of the pledge is to essentially have the university say they are willing to dedicate resources and also finances to undocumented community members in a series of different ways.”

Photo by Scotty Schenck