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BPD also incorporated new technologies, such as 3D bullet trajectory reconstruction models, increased DNA analyses and video and cellphone data analysis labs, the Boston Globe reported in December.

Braga began researching prior to accepting his position at the Northeastern School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in July 2016, along with student researchers from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a graduate student from the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University. He finished the project over the summer before its publication in the fall.

Although Braga said that no Northeastern student researchers worked on this research project, students are currently aiding him in an ongoing, extensive analysis of the efficacy and impact of BPD body camera usage.

“We’re going to be evaluating whether the cameras have any impacts on officer behaviors and citizen behaviors in encounters,” Braga said. “There are some folks who think that when you put cameras on officers, they’re going to be less proactive. Cameras might influence the likelihood of an arrest.”

Freshman behavioral neuroscience major Jenny Yang was surprised by the strong cooperation between Northeastern and BPD in co-authoring the study.

“It’s very interesting that academic research was applied so directly and so quickly to public policy in this case,” she said. “When you have people denying climate change in Congress, it’s good to see that here in Boston public officials believe in the value of research.”

Cooperation with academia for the sake of investigative improvements is typically rare of local police departments, Braga said.

“It’s an area where very few police departments are willing to take a real, in-depth look at how their investigators are handling cases,” he said. “The Boston police has a history of collaborating with researchers and are generally very open.”

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