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“That whole concept of if we don’t stand up for people, whoever they may be […] then no one will stand up for us,” Walters said, referencing the famous World War II era poem “First they came…” which spoke about the importance of resistance while there are people left to resist.

Jennifer Grace, a 56-year-old Boston resident, said her experience with the Muslim community, especially refugees, was consistent with the kindness shown to the protesters.

“They are just amazing people and they deserve to have every break,” Grace said. “They’re kind, they’re hard-working, they’re educated; we would be well-served in the United States to bring them here, welcome them. All they want to do is flee the terror and conflict, which is beyond atrocious and beyond our comprehension.”  

Grace, a retired nurse, has been on medical missions to the Middle East six times.

“To be respectful of different religions, and to honor that – that’s what America is,” Grace said. “That’s what we’re all about.”

Walters also addressed the importance of remaining unbiased toward the Muslim community in the face of Islamist extremism.

“I’m less fearful of [Muslims] than I am of some people in Florida who want to burn the Quran and all that – they scare me more than the Muslim community does,” he said. “Every religion probably has their fringe crazies, but to pick on one, I think, is horrible.”

Walters also said the protest was personal as well as political.

“What we will accomplish, I hope, if nothing more, is to make the people in this mosque and in this community feel like people care about them,” Walters said. “That’s enough for me.”

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