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May 27, 2016

NU students call for sustainability education and policy change

Photo courtesy Alan Levine

At the Curry Student Center food court, Mike Luna is digging into a meal of sweet potatoes and sipping soda from the non-recyclable cup given to him by one of the Northeastern University (NU) restaurants. However, the sophomore biology major does not necessarily know how to dispose of his trash. “Most of the time, I don’t know where food packaging should go,” Luna said. “Maybe it could say something on it? I’d do the right thing with this if I knew what the right things was.” He keeps opening and closing the white box his food came in, looking for a sign or a word that could give him a hint of where the packaging should go once he’s done with the meal: Trash, recycling or compost. In celebration of Earth Day 2016, The News conducted a survey about campus environmental education with questions focusing on clarity and convenience when it comes to recycling and composting. Almost 95 percent of respondents said if NU placed restaurant-specific visuals above trash cans, recycling and composting bins, people would be more likely to dispose of their trash correctly. Over 90 percent of respondents said NU would benefit from more recycling and composting bins. Almost 100 percent of respondents said sometimes, they don’t know if their food packaging can be recycled or composted, with a third of them saying this situation happens either all or most of the time. Michael Oshman, CEO and founder of Green Restaurant Association, which helped certify several NU’s restaurantsRead More

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Climate change activists occupy Visitor Center


Dozens of student activists staged a six-hour sit-in at the Northeastern University (NU) Visitor Center this afternoon, drawing the attention of campus police and top-tier administrators.

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Sexual assault at Northeastern


During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we at The Huntington News want to make it known that the Northeastern University community is not isolated from crimes associated with sexual abuse. Below is a list of all incidents of sexual assault, battery and related cases reported to the Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) since July 2014.

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Concerned students rally for #DoBetterNU

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“We can’t normalize these issues of institutionalized discrimination with words. We need to take action,” said freshman sociology Rachel Domond into a megaphone atop the stone Northeastern sign on Centennial Common.

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Speaker hones in on refugee crisis


Imagine two island nations occupying the same area of the sea – one prosperous, one desolate. The well-off country, home to 1,000 people, welcomes two asylum seekers from its counterpart, who crossed a stretch of ocean to escape the bleak conditions of home.

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Special Spirit debuts at NU

Special Spirit Justine (14)

Cheers and claps followed almost every successful shot at Solomon Court on Friday afternoon. A particularly impressive feat of ball-handling or blocking earned a similar response, as did the halftime events where students and players danced and shot 3-pointers.

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NU partners with social media app

Social Media (3)

The Career Development Center at Northeastern University (NU) announced a partnership with a new app, Rep’nUp, which works to clean and monitor the social media accounts of students before they apply for jobs or co-ops. According to a March 28 article, NU is one of 14 schools to join forces with the app.

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Black Palestine coalition gathers for dialogue on social issues

Groups in support of the black and Palestinian social liberation movements joined in solidarity at the Dudley branch of the Boston Public Library Wednesday night, where speakers and participants engaged in dialogue about the similarities between the groups’ struggles.

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NU students compete in inaugural hackathon

Husky Hacks

Northeastern University (NU) students dedicated 22 hours to inventing robots and apps from scratch over the weekend at HuskyHacks, the College of Computer and Information Science’s first-ever hackathon.

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Film festival forecasts hope for marine science

Northeastern University’s Marine Biology Club hosted a screening of several documentaries about ocean conservation issues on Thursday, March 31, as part of a Beneath the Waves film festival on campus.

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