Elise Harmon


Elise Harmon, news editor

Elise Harmon, news editor

Elise Harmon is editing the news section of the paper for the first time this semester. She is in her third year at Northeastern, where she’s pursuing a degree in journalism with minors in writing, international affairs, and geology. 

Elise is from Wilmington, DE. She attended a high school with a focus on math and science, which pushed her firmly into pursuing a liberal arts degree. She recently completed her first co-op at the Boston Globe, where she wrote for the Globe South section. Previously, she worked as an editorial intern at BostInno.
At Northeastern, Elise has dabbled in theatre, social justice clubs, and various forms of volunteering. Her hobbies include running,reading, writing, cooking, eating, and gazing longingly at cute pictures of puppies.

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