Angelica Recierdo

Angelica Recierdo, Inside  Columnist

Angelica Recierdo, Inside Columnist

Angelica Recierdo is an inside columnist for The Huntington News and a senior nursing student. She straddles two worlds, one of sterile precision and one of creative construction and toys with practicing phlebotomy or mapping sentences in her spare time. More of her writing can be found in The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, HalfwayDownTheStairs, and Literary Orphans.

After graduation, Angelica’s immediate plans include becoming a registered nurse and writing a short story collection and somehow merging the two into a career of creative impact. She will be speaking about Narrative Medicine at Hippocampus Magazine’s creative non-fiction conference in August.

Pauletta Lackland

Excellent read. I just sent this on 9/27/2016 to a colleague who has been involved in a little research of his own on this subject. To say thanks, she just bought me a drink! So, I guess I should say: Thanks for the meal!

Ginette Kaemingk

9/24/2016 @ 18:15:52 In my opinion, does a good job of covering topics of this kind! While frequently deliberately controversial, the material posted is generally well researched and stimulating.

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