Robert Smith

Robert Smith, Photo Editor

Robert Smith, Photo Editor

Hailing from the small seacoast town of Hampton, New Hampshire, Robert was at first scared of trains and questioning what exactly an “Uber” was, but is now living comfortably in the city serving his first semester as photo editor of the Huntington News as a Freshman.

Robert originally entered Northeastern as a Communication Studies major, but in a change of heart he switched to a Media Arts major with a concentration in photography. He graduated from Winnacunnet High School with 2 photography internships, 3 years as a school TV news producer, 2 years as a school newspaper/yearbook photo editor, multiple film and photography awards, and numerous hired and freelance shoots under his belt. As a new addition to the team, he is but a duckling, but nevertheless enthusiastic and driven, most of all looking forward to helping shape the image of the paper.
Robert loves tacos, his dog, longboarding, cooking, reading, artistic design, anything having to do with cameras, HIMYM, and above all, the beach.

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