Sam Haas

Sam Haas, city editor
Sam Haas, city editor

Sam Haas is serving his first semester as editorial editor after spending last semester as city editor.He is a sophomore journalism major pursuing minors in ethics and computer science.

Sam grew up in Newton (“just outside Boston!”) where he learned the suburbs will never compare to the city, no matter how much they try. He has yet to complete a co-op but currently freelances as an editorial assistant and researcher for Multifaceted Media Group and has worked as an editorial/redesign intern at Harvard Business Review. He one day hopes to create, design and use digital storytelling tools to make print journalism more powerful as it moves online.

At Northeastern, Sam switched to journalism this year after realizing he would never make it big in the music industry. He still loves music even though it doesn’t love him back. He’s also passionate about technology, civic engagement, social justice and every sport ever. When he isn’t in the newsroom, you can find him volunteering in Boston Public Schools, writing music and playing beach volleyball. He’s sorry about that one time he hit you with a frisbee on the quad.

Favorite journalist: Wesley Lowery