Calendar for April 15 to April 21

News Staff Photo/Meghan McVeigh
Event of the Week – Run, Boston, Run:

Lest you forget and wonder why the city seems to be completely shut down when you leave your apartment or dorm Monday morning, it’s marathon time again in Boston! Runners from around the globe will be competing in one of the world’s most prestigious marathons, running some 26 miles between Hopkinton and Boston. And us lazy spectators will – well – stand and watch them; it’s a citywide party. The finish line, if you feel like getting up early enough to secure a spot anywhere near it, is near John Hancock Tower in Copley Square (the route cuts closer to campus on parts of Comm. Ave. and Boylston St., where crowds might not be as intense). As an added bonus for spectators, feel free to stop by any of the Ben & Jerry’s locations near the marathon route (Prudential and Newbury Street come to mind) to try out free scoops of a new flavor, “Boston Cream Pie,” from 10 a.m. to noon.

April 15

Obsessed with cupcakes? You’re not alone, believe it or not. Other cupcake connoisseurs will be gathering at PA’s Lounge in Somerville for CupcakeCamp, which is described on its website as “an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment.” Local pros and cupcake shops will be out in force with free cupcakes to be sampled, and amateurs can get in on the fun as well by bringing their own treats along to share. Unfortunately for all the younger cupcake fans out there, PA’s is a bar. Look at it this way: Those under 21 have until next time to hone their recipes. 345 Somerville Ave., Somerville; 7 p.m.; Free; [email protected]

April 16

The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge is entering the fun and sometimes strange, world of puppet master Jim Henson with their short retrospective series “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World.” But it isn’t just muppets on the menu; on Friday, catch a whole lot of weirdness and an especially spectacular appearance by David Bowie in the ’80s adventure favorite “Labyrinth.” With a script by “Monty Python” collaborator Terry Jones and inspiration’s as warped as the work of MC Escher, this curious cultural artifact makes offers a unique late-night diversion as the opening film of the Brattle’s series (which runs until April 19). 40 Brattle St., Cambridge; 10 p.m.; $9.75. 617-876-6837.

April 17

Those who haven’t yet checked out the American Repertory Theatre’s – uh – unconventional adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” might want to do so while they still can. In “The Donkey Show,” the classic story is played out on the dance floor as you party the night away to a hit list of classic disco tunes. The production has been a big hit as part of the Repertory theatre’s “Shakespeare Exploded” series, and has been extended twice to run on weekends during the summer at the Cambridge club/performance space Oberon. It’s The Bard with a beat. You might never get the glitter out of your clothes and hair, but don’t worry, you will survive. 2 Arrow St., Cambridge; $35, student advance $25; 617-547-8300.

April 18

Care for a dance? Spectators will be in for a show at the Northeastern University Dance Company’s seventh annual spring showcase, this year titled “Memoirs.” The group promises spectators will see a medley of styles including “modern, lyrical, tap, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and everything in between,” as talented dancers from the Northeastern community show off the diverse routines they have been preparing with the group’s choreographers for months. Blackman Auditorium; 8 to 9:30 p.m.; Free with NU ID, $10 general public; [email protected]

April 20

Hate to remind you, but it’s time for finals! If the stress is starting to close in, head to “Free Yoga for Finals Focus” at the Sacred Space in Ell Hall, where a free yoga class – open to beginners and everyone else throughout the Northeastern community – will be taking place. There’s no registration required, but space is limited on a first come/first served basis. Yoga mats will be provided. It might make a great temporary retreat for any hardcore studiers holed up 24/7 in Snell Library. Those who are in for the long haul might want to keep in mind there’s a similar class on April 27. Sacred Space, Ell Hall; 7 to 8 p.m.; Free; [email protected]

April 21

The intricate medical mysteries of the popular television show “House” aren’t just made up out of thin air. Medical professionals are consulted during the production of the show, thus helping ensure the writing is as (slightly) plausible as it is compelling. One such person is Dr. Lisa Sanders, whose popular New York Times column “Diagnosis” was a major inspiration for “House,” to which she serves as technical advisor. Sanders is a pioneer in the kind of detective-like diagnosis approach that is employed by the shows fictional doctors, and she will be speaking at Northeastern to promote her book “Every Patient Tells a Story.” Books and “House” DVDs will be raffled, and we’re guessing she’s a bit more friendly than Hugh Laurie’s scathingly sarcastic Dr. House. 90 Snell Library; 12 to 1:15 p.m.; Free; [email protected]