Crime Log: Sept. 20-26

By Anna Glina, News Correspondent

Tuesday, Sept. 20
11:15 a.m.
A student reported he locked his bike outside International Village (INV) on Sept. 3 and on Sept. 20 he discovered the front tire still locked to the rack but the rest of the bike missing.

1:30 p.m.
A student reported that while she was having lunch at Espresso Royale Cafe on Gainsborough Street, her wallet was taken from her unattended backpack when she got her food. Her credit cards had already been used when she canceled them.

2 p.m.
A student was having lunch at Boloco in the Marino Center and left his backpack unattended for about two minutes. When he returned, his backpack, which contained his laptop and books, was gone.

3:15 p.m.
A student in the Curry Student Center food court left her laptop with a stranger who was sitting near her, presuming he would watch it for her.  When she got back, her laptop was gone as was the stranger.

8 p.m.
A Northeastern University Division of Public Safety (NUPD) officer saw a man riding a bicycle down the service road behind Snell Library and pulling another bike along by the handlebars. The officer tried to catch up with the man. When he saw the officer, the suspect dropped the bike he was pulling and rode away. The bike, now with NUPD, has not been reported stolen on campus.

9 p.m.
A woman with no university affiliation was having dinner at Qdoba on Huntington Avenue. She left her purse hanging over the back of her chair while eating. Upon leaving, she discovered her purse, containing $60, credit cards and a cell phone, was missing.

A student reported she left her purse unattended in the lobby of Shillman Hall for about 10 minutes. When she returned, her wallet, containing $6 and credit cards, was missing from her purse.

Wednesday, Sept. 21
1:15 p.m.
A student reported he left his bicycle unlocked outside Snell Library for about half an hour. When he returned to the racks, his bike was gone.

2:30 p.m.
A student reported she left her laptop unattended at Au Bon Pain in the Marino Center for about five minutes. When she came back, it was gone.

5 p.m.
A graduate student reported he left a laptop unattended on the third floor of Snell Library while he went to have a cup of coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Shillman Hall. When he returned to the library about 45 minutes later, the laptop was gone.

8 p.m.
A student reported he left his bike in Krentzman Quad at 8 a.m. When he returned at 8 p.m., his bike was gone. There was a different bike on the fence where he locked his bike and his Kryptonite lock was still on the fence.

9 p.m.
A student went to retrieve his bike in Centennial Common and found someone had attached another lock to his bike so he could not remove it. He called NUPD, which was able to prove the bike was his, and the other lock was cut off his bike. He suspected it might have been a friend playing a practical joke.

Thursday, Sept. 22
7 p.m.Entry of the Week
A student reported that a classmate who is a middle-aged student, with whom he had struck up a casual relationship with, agreed to loan him several thousand dollars, which the older man claimed he needed to use as a fee in order to claim either an inheritance or a lottery winning overseas. When the younger man asked for his money back, he was given excuses for several weeks. One day, the man told him that he received the money and convinced the student to put the entirety of it, in the form of a check, in his bank account and take out what was owed. The bank later called the student to tell him the check did not go through and that he owed $40,000. NUPD is currently investigating the whereabouts of the older student.

11 p.m.
A Resident Assistant (RA) found an 18-year-old student vomiting on the third floor of Speare Hall. The student was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by ambulance. She was reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

Friday, Sept. 23
12:15 a.m.
An 18-year-old student student was found passed out in pool of vomit on the third floor of Stetson West. She said she had been drinking vodka off campus and was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by ambulance. She was reported to OSCCR.

12:30 a.m.
An 18-year-old student was found on the fourth floor of Stetson West passed out in a pool of vomit with an almost empty bottle of rum. He was reported to OSCCR.

3 a.m.
A caller reported seeing a young woman walking near Hemenway Street and Huntington Avenue who appeared to be intoxicated. NUPD officers found her walking on Huntington Avenue near the Museum of Fine Arts. The woman, an 18-year-old Northeastern student, was being assisted by a 19-year-old Wentworth Institute of Technology student. She was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by ambulance and was reported to OSCCR. Because the Wentworth student was interfering with police, claiming he was just helping her get home and was also slightly intoxicated, Wentworth officials were notified.

11 a.m.
A graduate student reported he left his backpack outside the Sacred Space in Ell Hall for about half an hour on Thursday afternoon. His backpack, which contained his iPhone and other valuables, was stolen.

2 p.m.
A student reported she left her laptop unattended for 10 minutes on the third floor of Snell Library while she used the restroom. When she returned , her laptop was gone.

3 p.m.
A caller reported the odor of marijuana on the sixth floor of West Village E. NUPD officers followed the scent to an apartment and found a 22-year-old Northeastern student and her 21-year-old guest. The two admitted to smoking and their paraphernalia was confiscated. They were both reported to OSCCR.

5:30 p.m.
A graduate student reported her purse was stolen from the back of her chair while she was eating at Panera Bread on Huntington Avenue.

11 p.m.
A student reported she found her roommate intoxicated and nearly passed out in their Loftman Hall suite. The roommate had been drinking off campus. EMTs determined she did not need hospitalization and she was reported to OSCCR.

Saturday, Sept. 24
9 p.m.
A student reported his beer was stolen from his apartment. He suspected it might have been taken by a roommate or a roommate’s friend. NUPD is investigating.

10:15 p.m.
An officer saw two men on Huntington Avenue who appeared to be exchanging alcohol for money. As the officer approached, the person who accepted the alcohol fled. The other person, 48-year-old Daniel Mayo, was believed to have just purchased alcohol for a minor. Mayo was wanted on a warrant from the Boston Municipal Police for trespassing and was arrested on that warrant.

Sunday, Sept. 25
1 a.m.
A student in INV reported a $100 bill was stolen from her purse in her room. She had been out of her room for a couple hours earlier that evening and suspected that her suitemate had guests who might have been responsible for the theft. NUPD is currently investigating.

3 a.m.
NUPD officers found an intoxicated 26-year-old student laying down on the ground in World Series Way near Churchill Hall. He said he became tired and laid down on the grass. The student said he lived within walking distance and was allowed to walk home after being assessed by EMTs.

5:30 p.m.
A student walking on Columbus Avenue saw a man ride past her on her bicycle, which was stolen the night before from the front of her apartment on Hammond Street. She had not reported the theft because she assumed she wouldn’t see her bike again. Her friend waved down an officer who caught up with the man on the bike. The 29-year-old man claimed he purchased the bike in the neighborhood that morning for $15. The student described the bike in such detail that Boston Police Department (BPD) officers concluded it was hers. The bike was confiscated from the man and returned to her. He was not arrested.

Monday, Sept. 26
5:30 p.m.
A student reported he locked his bike at 9 a.m. in the West Village Quad and returned at 1:30 pm to find the bike and the cable he had locked it with gone.