Fox looks to promote SGA

By By Jenna Duncan, News Staff

With a strong web presence and flyers decorating campus, middler Ryan Fox is campaigning full force for Student Government Association (SGA)’ president after being nominated as a candidate at the March 9 meeting.
The theme of the campaign, Give NU a Voice, focuses on accessibility, sustainability, connection, accountability and student organizations, according to Fox’s website. Fox, who is currently the Vice President for Student Services, said between his experience and connection with students, he can help improve the SGA.
‘I’ve seen a lot of different perspectives and I feel like I can connect with a wide variety of students and let them know that their voice is heard,’ he said.
Additionally, Fox said that because of his current position he has a close connection with many members of the administration.
‘I’ve gained a level of respect with the administration,’ he said. ‘They’ll come to me when they have questions about how students feel about a subject.’
As a member of SGA, Fox has helped on numerous projects around campus like the renovation of the indoor quad in Curry Student Center, he said.
‘Last year it was empty, and now it’s hard to find a seat in there,’ he said of the increased usage since the renovation. ‘It affects such a large number of students and it makes meeting in groups for projects or studying easier and more accessible.’
Another project Fox has been an ongoing part of is working with dining services. He has worked to increase the number of vending machines on campus, as well as keeping dining halls and other campus eateries open later during finals weeks.
‘It is one of those basic needs and when you’re going to late classes there’s a lot of times you won’t eat until late,’ he said. ‘So, having food available late, healthy and accessible is important.’
Fox launched his campaign website on March 12 and membership on his Facebook group has grown to 462 members as of press time, including opponent Matthew Soleyn. Fox said he is a better candidate than Soleyn because of his perspective when it comes to making decisions that affect the university and its students.
‘I feel like I’m more in touch and better at looking at the big picture,’ he said.
Fox said he wants to increase advertising for SGA if he wins.
‘The student body isn’t really aware of what we’re doing on campus,’ he said. ‘I think it all comes back to the overall sense on campus that reaching out and connecting with students is hard.’
He encouraged feedback by prompting a discussion on his Facebook group and including a comment section on his website. Through this, he said he feels that if students have a proper outlet to convey their feelings, the relationship between the student body and SGA will improve.
‘I just want to make sure that students can give us their input,’ he said. ‘It’s a combination of web presence and presence on campus.’
Fox has been in SGA since coming to Northeastern from Audobon, Penn. He is currently on co-op in the Information Services department at Northeastern for his electrical and computer engineering major, and is a member of the Honors Program.