Fashion Show preparations underway

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By George Chamoun, News Correspondent

The Northeastern Fashion and Retail Society is gearing up for their fourth annual fashion show, which will feature 41 outfits for men and women across a variety of different categories.

Photo Courtesy/Fashion & Retail Society

Photo Courtesy/Fashion & Retail Society

This year’s event, titled ‘Sidewalk to Catwalk,’ explores “the transition from laid back street style to more formal evening wear” according to its press release. The organization’s president, Stephanie Zhang, hopes this year’s show will “represent both street chic casual and high class glamour.”

The show has an overall focus on “contemporary designs that could be worn in everyday life as well as classic silhouettes that can be worn on a special night out,” according to its press release. But a true challenge for F&R members is to without surpassing their humble budgets.

These challenges aside, if past shows are any sort of foreshadowing for what to expect this year, the stakes are high for this event.

In addition to all three of the previous shows selling out ahead of schedule, the Society has seen membership triple over the past two years.

Last year’s event, ‘Silence & Noise,’ was held at the Fenway Center on April 5, and featured myriad designers and styles. The 41 different outfits presented both simply and colorfully-textured fashion, moving the audience progressively through a carefully orchestrated exhibition of local and international brands. In total six brands were featured, two of which were designed by Northeastern students. Early phases of the show cycled clean, “ready-to-wear” outfits with subtle blue, black and white and gave the models an elusive and coveted neutrality. Over time, however, neon colors and bright statement pieces were showcased.

With a crowd of over 200 attendees last year, it will be interesting to see how the Fashion & Retail society delivers in 2014. For now, the recruiting process is underway, riddled with audition time slots for prospective models and DJs.