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Student launches 365 videos of motivation

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By Julia Barnes, News Correspondent

After New Years, many find it difficult to stick to resolutions as motivation falls to the wayside. Lars King, creator of, thinks he may have a solution to this problem.

The sophomore entrepreneurship and marketing major launched this website last month. Those seeking motivation can subscribe to the site for $27 per year and receive daily motivational videos through email.

        King said he was inspired to carry out this project nearly a year after listening to “The Smart Passive Income Podcast”, which tells people how they can make money, doing things they love.

        Already a subscriber to daily motivational quotes, he knew that people often look to speakers, books, and videos for inspiration, but for much higher prices. He acknowledged that while these means could be helpful, many times they only yield temporary results.

“I realized that everyone needs motivation, everybody,” said King. “So how do you make motivation sustainable? You do it every morning.”

        Although his business has helped him make over $500 and is steadily growing, King said it took a lot of work and planning to get started.

        With much support from his family and friends, he worked out the logistics of the project last November. During winter break in December, he executed his plan, dedicating an entire week to meticulously searching through and selecting videos. Focusing on videos with the highest view counts, subscribers and best players from sites such as YouTube, King said he literally sat in his room for hours placing them in order for each day of the year.

“They’re actually not all motivational videos,” said King. “They all provide some motivation but a lot of them are informational and inspirational too.”

The short videos show riveting talks from the most motivational speakers, including some of King’s favorite speakers such as Tony Robbins, Emanuel James “Jim” Rohn and Eric Thomas.

So far, the project has been successful according to several testimonies from satisfied customers.

Brandon McKinney, a sophomore video game designer at Columbia College Chicago and King’s high school classmate, subscribed to the year of motivation website sometime between late January and early February. Once a serious procrastinator known to pull all-nighters, McKinney said he has been able to apply the lessons he has learned from the videos to his own life.

“I would say it’s worth the price,” McKinney said. “I’ve become more self-motivated.”

He found a story narrated by Thomas to be especially inspiring. Titled “How Bad Do You Want it?” Thomas told of a guru who taught a young man that he must want success as badly as he wants to breathe.

        Another newly motivated subscriber is King’s friend Nico Jannasch. A sophomore entrepreneurship major at Northeastern, Jannasch said since starting the project last month he has “never looked back.”

“This is just really a way to keep that inspirational drive going constantly,” he said.

Before subscribing, he recalled being unable to follow through with several project ideas and eventually would forget them altogether.

Now, the daily videos give him a boost of energy and remind him to remain consistent in his endeavors. As a result, he said he recently successfully prepared for a networking event and is still in contact with his newly made connections.

Jannasch’s success with the site has influenced three of his friends to sign up as well.

Myra Goldick, who is a speaker, disability advocate and author of “Focused, Unstuck and Back in Action. The Secrets for Happiness and Improving Your Life No Matter What!”, published in January, wholeheartedly supports the project and believes it can encourage positive habitual thinking.

“I certainly expect that this website will set an example for many people and change their lives for the better,” Goldick said.

King’s father, Warren King, a licensed acupuncturist with a background in Oriental medicine, has subscribed to the project. He said he believes there are possible help benefits that come with more motivation including stress and fear reduction.

“I just hope that more people spread the word about this because then they would be more effective and more productive with their time,” said King.

When asked about plans to expand his business, the young entrepreneur said he might eventually consider creating something such as a year of guided meditation.

“I want every single business I create to actually help people in massive ways. So it’s just a win-win for everybody,” King said.