NU Stage Musical Theatre Company Presents: “Cabaret”

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NU Stage Musical Theatre Company Presents: “Cabaret”

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By Sofie Kato, news correspondent

With the dancers tapping to the music, the lighting directors finding the perfect angle and the director making sure everyone is on beat, everything is beginning to fall into place. Starting Nov. 1, the Northeastern University Stage Musical Theatre Company, or NU Stage, will introduce its production of “Cabaret” after two and a half months of rehearsal.

“Cabaret,” the story of the complex relationship between German dancer Sally Bowles and American writer Cliff Bradshaw, details the struggles of political and social activism during pre-Nazi Germany. The production is unique in that it brings together both light-hearted and dark themes that resonate with our current political climate.

“‘Cabaret’ is a very dark and dirty show where you get moments of laughter, moments of love and moments of dancing,” said second-year mechanical engineering student Jake Peterson, who plays Bradshaw. “The underlying message really teaches you to stay in the present and that you can’t be passive. Even though this takes place in the 30s, the themes mirror to now and it is eye-opening.”

Performing on Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, NU Stage will show students what rehearsing for four days a week for two and a half months has created.

“This cast is so amazingly talented and we are all a family,” said Ben Lebofsky, a fifth-year international business major and director of the show. “Everyone feels a part of a group and that really shows in the production.  I love seeing everyone put their heads together to make the production come alive. Seeing the production from the actors’ point of view and mine is a very holistic experience, and interesting to see.”

As an ensemble-based production, there are several different rehearsals for the different cast members: The music rehearsal where everyone learns their songs and when to sing, the main character rehearsal that helps to develop the characters and the ensemble rehearsal where most of the choreography is learned. At each rehearsal, the cast is working to portray their message with an ease and comfortability that makes the show enjoyable to watch.

“Being able to see all these people every day is amazing,” said third-year bioengineering major and music director Abigail Nugent. “I only contributed to a tiny portion of the production, but when you see people bring their voices together in a song and production, the end result couldn’t be more rewarding.”

“Cabaret” combines the elements of dancing, singing and acting to attempt to spread the message that people should take action if they want to see social or political change. The cast emphasizes how not only are the characters relatable, but how the audience will walk away with a different perspective in mind.

“More than any show, ‘Cabaret’ is important to the current political situation,” said third-year chemical engineering major Patrick Kitchen, who plays the Master of Ceremonies. “It shows action relative to inaction in the face of the political and social upheaval and I think, especially now, it shows how we are as a society.”

“Cabaret” will be showing at 8 p.m. in Blackman Auditorium Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Tickets are free for NU students and available on the myNortheastern portal.